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Bursary Application Help

The purpose of this ‘help sheet’ is to give applicants some suggestions about the sort of information that would help the Trustees in making decisions regarding the distribution of bursaries.

On the Application Form


General Information  – please fill in the boxes as required.


Your Child – This is your opportunity to paint a picture of your child and highlight his or her positive attributes. It does not need to be lengthy and can be prose or using bullet points. The purpose of this section is to give the Trustees an idea of who your child is an individual, as diagnoses and formal reports can often miss this. Importantly, the information here will not decide whether your child will receive a bursary, or how much.


Statement of Need – In this section, you could describe your child’s social communication needs and any formal diagnoses (if your child has had one), or you could just attach any reports or letters which you may have. You can do both, but you don’t have to.

Again, you do not need to give lots and lots of information. The main purpose is to explain to the Trustees why it is important for your child to receive specialist intervention.


Financial Statement – This section is for applicants to briefly explain their family’s financial situation, so that the Trustees can understand why a bursary is needed and how much to allocate from the trust’s fund. We are aware that this information is of a personal nature and it will be considered in a sensitive manner as well as being treated as confidential.

The sort of information could include your family’s total income and outgoings, including any additional costs such as taking care of an elderly relative, other siblings and/or costs incurred from supporting your child’s additional needs. This might include travel costs, paying for professional reports and/or extra support in school.

The Trustees need some evidence to support your family’s financial situation. For example, you could attach a monthly pay slip or a recent P60.


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